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Thai Yoga Massage


Thai Yoga Massage is now available through EQUIVITA.  10% Off when you purchase before February 28th.

60 Minute and 90 Minute Session Available.

To schedule an appointment, you must call EQUIVITA directly at 614-298-8781 or text 614-805-8252. 

Thai Massage is sometimes referred to as “Passive Yoga”, because in a Thai Yoga Massage session the practitioner moves your body through a series of stretches (postures). 

In the art of Thai Yoga Massage the focus is on the mobility of your joints. A Thai Yoga Therapist takes the time to slowly guide your limbs through range of movement and gently hold your body in assisted yoga poses with light pressure on your feet. While providing gentle massage and stretching to reduce stress and cultivate a deeper felt sense of relaxation in your body

Thai Yoga Massage: Treatments
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