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The Kilbourne Shops courtyard is accessible from 3 points: 

The Village Green: Walk around the corner of The Wren House, follow the path down the stone steps into the courtyard. Parking available in spots around the Green.

High Street: An historic brick walkway passes from High Street back to the courtyard. The alley starts between HER Realtors and the bridal store. Parking available along High Street.

Worthington Public Parking Lot: The Public lot is located off West New England Avenue.  If you are coming South on 23, turn right onto New England (one street south of 161 and right next to the Worthington Inn).  Turn right at the Public Parking Sign.  Turn down the small alley right past Zettler's and before the barber shop.  After you take the alley around you will see parking on the right for 679 High Street (my name is not on the sign but feel free to park there) which puts you right by the awning that says Kilbourne Shops.  Go through there and turn right.  You will run right into me.  I'm right next to HER Realtors.  If there is no parking available just continue forward to the parking lot ahead.